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PGM MIDF Championship 2017 (ADT)



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#Kyi Hla Han a champ during his days from Myanmar# chats with #DamarU Golf aftermath #CIMB CLASSIC@#TPC

#Kyi Hla Han practiced with #VIJAY SINGH during hey days  till late to the dusk. Hitting  from the Grass  ,walking ,pickup balls back to tee. That is the kind of rigorous practice they did to be some body

#Kyi Hla Han a champ during his days from Myanmar# chats with #DamarU Golf  aftermath #CIMB CLASSIC@#TPC
#DAMARU GOLF chats with just past chief of  Asian Tour #Kyi Hla Han--------------------------------------------
diminsihing pure sense of humanity
Ancient man lived by the sharp senses ,brought us to this Stage- Robotic Digital Man –Sorry- they can’t play golf nor will they sing well  or show us rhythmic dance or draw a nice art.. GET BACK TO BASICS.SHARPEN HUMAN TALENT.
lalai.elite.hunter purse sense.jpg
DAMARU GOLF chats with just past chief of  Asian Tour #Kyi Hla Han --
where are they ? was the first questions where are your boys ?Malaysia # a golfing  phenomenon- BUGGY,MAT- HITTING,GUIDED EVERY MOVE-EVEN AIRCONDITIONED TRAINING-NO COURES TO PRACTICE.NO FAST GREENS TO EXPERIENCE   Then comes ooo it's  too hot it's too long, ball uncontrollable.
Admire Malaysian Golfers Admire PGM for what they are doing .Seek help-support from Authorities From giant clubs .from Giant corporations Its probably tax free for golfing sponsorships. Sponsor all PGM cardholders for five years and see the results. Enabling them to practice full time and live. Open the gates to practice ,a reasonable request indeed They will give back  big to Nation.
Giant corporations Giant golfing clubs unconcern. Even PGM CARD NOT RECOGNISED-
not criticise but admire ,Malaysian Golfers -they are restricted form stretching their hands and minds and senses without venue to practice. With no funds for full time golfing Most are part time golfers with meagre budget. They   are more  talented potential winning golfers   dropping  out than Growth .In Thailand  baby pros-sponsored by  caring   SINGHA BEER. OR IN INDIA, CARED BY SO MANY-Result- a stream of talent one after the other.
Thai baby pro in The cradle of SINGHA BEER
Poom played a played plain ice cream game not even no advice  before no instructors ,nothing at the back.Not even at the driving range. He  said that way it is easier to keep  mind free to play and not clutter with all paraphernalia

Malaysia # a golf phenomenon- thought aftermath #CIMB GOLF CLASSIC after trying to find to find out where the Malaysians are.
So they came across ocean, thousands of miles to a foreign land, take most winning, and go back with a heavy harvest at the same time enjoying fine traditional Hospitality of Malaysia.  A common phenomena in Malaysia with so many high prized golfing events.
Admirable performance OF ( -24) who is learning? From Malaysia
They are aliens not familiar with the course as the Malaysians , not so familiar with the air, with ground conditions as Malaysians, not used to harsh hot humid weather conditions like Malaysians, Yet  they take the harvest during harvesting time.. Of course, with a big Thank you in a typical gentle style.
#Kyi Hla Han,-Han responds to #Damaru Golf ,where are the Malaysians? (with additions and editing by DAMARU GOLF supported by LALI.ELITE.GOLF the thinking golfer)eye single lalit.pngLALI.ELITE.GOLF the thinking golfer
So when asked former chief of Asian Tour a champion in Asia during his days in early 1980s why is this phenomenon?. We grow they take the harvest Why??
never mind- Easy go attitude-
Pampered-may be- but  not by intention but  by circumstances
With so many modern day golfing aids true nature of the game is not understood.
Throw the mat go to turf-never in air-conditioned rooms
True pace of the game, true conditions of the game. WALK THE COURSE-Fell True ground conditions,   true feel ,what has to be ACQUIRED  with constantly changing environment position etc.
Only golfing sense stored. Then retrieved, to be used to fine craft the shot in hand not regurgitating practiced shot   
Shot needed  for the moment , certainly not possible to  repeat , player acquired  during during practice standing in one place or riding a buggy  using a mat or hitting ball in air-conditioned comfort etc. etc  or needing machine to find out direction of ball ,club head speed or launch angle etc etc. They must feel the hit…feel what hit is best
Golfing sense like riding a bicycle –balancing must come from inside. Not advice, after every pedal -not supported with extra wheels
Similarly In  Golf They all must be felt inside, analysed and a final verdict generated how the best the hit must be executed to perfection to  hit  target. That is the thinking golfer
Are they pampered?
Are the players pampered to the extent ,there no self-generated deep interest developing golfing senses. Under competitions. Or do they at the beginning assume no we can't beat them? Or is it the inherent inner feel that’s ok. never mind missing a shot or two..
Walled clubs
Closed Doors! Sorry boys just follow rules go in buggy like the senior citizens then have good meal at the 19 th hole. and play professional golf that is club rule.
Asian Players? PARTICULARLY MALAYASIA- PLAYERS WHO ARE SURROUNDED with  OVER 240  Classy golf courses, Umpteen numbers of academies, umpteen number of indoor simulators,lali.elite live by the sesnes.jpgthrow the aids -develop sense
Over a Casual meal table further Discussion@ TPC  on 15-10-2017 with two prominent members from a leading Golf Magazine and Asian Tour Former chief Hans..  With #Damaru Golf
Excerpts of Casual discussion with...
here are with   addition  by Damaru Golf tech, edited by DamarU Golf- No responsibility by any DamarU Golf nor its writers on content. As They are expressed opinion only. Having concluded  ,relatively  Malaysia Golfers can do much better. Then what is the bottle neck or necks Indeed there are small necks They are in brief
Professionals practicing under Armature rules in closed clubs
Players practicing under Armature rules a waste of time Eg professional must practice as professional with back tees  fast greens etc
Never hit ball on mats go to turf- as far as possible collect the balls  walk back. As he described how Vijay Singh practiced till late night collecting his own balls.
Buggy riding practice -Walking the course
Riding a buggy for practice is simply  a lazy, or  aged golfers need ,when the objective is to improve the game Professionals must walk., not only during practice rounds but also preferable at driving range .collecting own  balls  ,i.e.; collect and walk back thinking what went wrong or how was that shot  so nice  . He emphasised this is a good stamina physical training than using Gym. While walking up and down With mind focused on  what happen ,how best to hit. That way pace of the game is felt under gruelling battle conditions during a game like #PGA- CIMB GOLF CLASSIC
Closed-door clubs
Charged for every practice round then ride buggy
More than any as the players have to pay for every practice Round as they  enter the course.
Only  KPGA allow free walking golf rounds limited to restricted hours, Sri Selangor is a paying public course the rest of the 240 over clubs are treating PGM golfers as normal visiting golfers In Fact they say PGM Cards not recognize – Go With buggy pay for the round. Follow armature club rules
Human race lived ,evolved by the feel-They felt rain, sunshine, dangers, and all needed to bring Human  race to today digital man. From now on  it is digital man’s world- with no senses. BUT SPORTS NOT FOR DIGITAL MAN they are not capable of balancing still, not capable of three dimensional vision with feel. or feel the ground when touched by say soft, hard, ok,  ..
Technology - killing human imagination-senses- (weaker gets weaker as most strong will remain aloof to these easy go attractions).. taking away creativity ,when every golf shot is creative shot ,that fits the moment not what you practiced before. Lali.Elite.Golf  the thinking golfer
Damaru Golf tech believe range practice and simulator practice likes kill  skills or develop wrong skills.
More-Golfing aids kill the much needed golfsense.
In the course player has to replay on self-sense not external sense nor  constant advice from another. Even Caddies advice  needs to be solicited when in real doubt. Caddys task is to assist player with exact distances Ground conditions probably wind characters  , rest must come from player.
Opinions expressed here are personal not by   DamarU Media makers of DAMARU GOLF.
Or Asia Tour or any individuals.
Level of skills to day and before
Level of golfing skills from the days of Ben Hogan era to now Have there been any measurable improvement despite all the sophisticated equipment, training methods to help ?
Answer is a clear NO when compared with identical Golfing   Conditions
Pat Perez wins - playing 24 under an Incredible score” TPC-  Best Malaysians - , fancied Green even Veteran Danny Chia PLUS ONE
NOT BAD BUT RELATIVE TO winners  -24 BUT a  tall order  in home course. But Gavin is 24 yrs Yes there is admirable standard in him. But we are concern about  the general performance of Malaysian golfers in the world of golfing  arena in relation to their Potential. They are good but no right enticement to polish their skills. Over to your Mr Minister of sports you can am a difference  Clubs must accept PGM CARD Clubs must allow golfers to play like professionals. This would not cost governed extra funds but the benefits are immense just imagin extent of benefit sthey will bring if we can produce several Vijay Singh.s
PGM – OR Professional Golf Malaysia,
 Before this noble act of starting  this tour Malaysian  golfers were like stray birds flying here and there  aimlessly. Today they have a clear path to the top of world OF golf with affiliations and recognition by top world golfing bodies. This the time to make use of the foundation laid by PGM tour.. Combine benefit will far exceed the total money spent by Tourism Malaysia promoting Malaysia.
do not get confused by surrounding with  modern day golfing paraphernalia  basics first, just play the game hit target dedicated with deep joy
Damaru Golf association with LALI.ELITE.GOLF the thinking golfer.
DamarU  Golf -Golf by golfers

CIMB GAME at TPC held had a green speed of 11 this does compare well with other top golfer course where the average green speeds are 11. today
ancient times
1978 survey: revealed Today it very mush higher than that
  • Harbour Town, 5-1 (5 feet, 1 inch)Congressional, 6-4Merion, 6-4Pinehurst No. 2, 6-10Pebble Beach, 7-2Shinnecock Hills, 7-2Pine Valley, 7-4Winged Foot, 7-5Cypress Point, 7-8Medinah, 7-8Augusta National, 7-11Oakland Hills, 8-5Oakmont, 9-8

A Stimp reading of 5 at Harbour Town! Oakmont was under 10, and way out in front of most other courses in America.

green speeds as used-#damaru golf tech
green speeds as used-#damaru golf tech
 Golfers appreciate , true surfaces where the ball has a good NORMAL NATURAL roll, does not PULL PUSH  quickly or abnormally deviate from its natural path.Then putting  become real skill not luck.

#damaru golf tech

top games are played with green speeds of 11 or 12 or 13 in modern golf

ps Three malaysians who took part in this event are reasonably sponsored to survive and indulge in full time golf .
We are talking about Most of others who are part timers-No course having to pay  every round and go in  Buggy

However all are in need of walking courses to pratice with green speed of 10 and over

#enhancing Asian Golfers-#DamarU

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PGM MNRB CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 Damai Golf & Country Club October 2017) # DamarU Golf

come joiun us to see Justin hitting at TPC- CIMB GOLF CLASSI 2017  # DAMARU GOLF the thinking golfer

#PGM MNRB CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 Damai Golf & Country Club October 2017  # DamarU Golf

#PGM MNRB CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 Damai Golf & Country Club  October 2017)  # DamarU Golf

Damai Golf & Country Club
(4th - 7th October 2017)
Final Results
1273-15Blake SNYDER (USA)6971656835,000.00
2275-13John CATLIN (USA)7068706723,000.00
3277-11Johnson POH (SGP)7070686914,000.00
4278-10Nirun SAE-UENG (THA)6667737211,200.00
5280-8Jakraphan PREMSIRIGORN (THA)727166718,800.00
6282-6Masaru TAKAHASHI (JPN)696673747,400.00
7283-5Kemarol BAHARIN (MAS)747468676,200.00
8=284-4Arie Irawan (MAS)717470694,633.33
8=284-4Phanuvich ONCHU (THA)717369714,633.33
8=284-4Seungjae MAENG (USA)706973724,633.33
11=285-3Nattawat SUVAJANAKORN (THA)717172713,650.00
11=285-3James BYRNE (SCO)687372723,650.00
13=286-2Somsak KHAOPRATUM (THA)726872743,010.00
13=286-2Sukree OTHMAN (MAS)706972753,010.00
15287-1Amir NAZRIN (MAS)717273712,740.00
16=288EMohammad WAFIYUDDIN (MAS)717274712,440.00
16=288EPoosit SUPUPRAMAI (THA)697378682,440.00
16=288EJosh SALAH (USA)757071722,440.00
16=288ELeunkwang KIM (MAS)707173742,440.00
20=289+1Shariffuddin ARIFFIN (MAS)727174722,080.00
20=289+1Kiishaan THARMALINGAM (MAS)677477712,080.00
20=289+1Kenneth DE SILVA (MAS)737272722,080.00
20=289+1Oskar ARVIDSSON (SWE)737172732,080.00
20=289+1Pitipat PITIMANA-ARE (THA)717372732,080.00
20=289+1Mathiam KEYSER (RSA)727370742,080.00
26290+2KHOR Kheng Hwai (MAS)717570741,920.00
27=291+3Wisut ARTJANAWAT (THA)747075721,820.00
27=291+3James BOWEN (USA)726975751,820.00
27=291+3Janne KASKE (FIN)727475701,820.00
27=291+3Muhammad Syakir ADLI AZMI (MAS)747770701,820.00
31=292+4Tommy MANSUWAN (THA)717472751,680.00
31=292+4Farid RASHID (MAS)717475721,680.00
31=292+4Puk PRADITTAN (THA)697576721,680.00
34=293+5S. Siva Chandhran (MAS)737273751,560.00
34=293+5Brandon LAU Ka Kin (MAS)767371731,560.00
34=293+5Roberto GALLETTI (USA)707874711,560.00
37294+6Mohd. Nazri MOHD ZAIN (MAS)737376721,480.00
38=295+7CHOO Tze Huang (SGP)737272781,400.00
38=295+7Matthew NEGRI (USA)747373751,400.00
38=295+7Panuwat MUENLEK (THA)787276691,400.00
41=296+8Paul HARRIS (USA)727771761,305.00
41=296+8Airil Rizman ZAHARI (MAS)777572721,305.00
43300+12Martin DIVE (AUS)737179771,250.00
44301+13Reagan PNG (SGP)757177781,210.00
45304+16S. Murthy (MAS)747579761,170.00
46306+18Shaifubari MUDA (MAS)728176771,130.00
47=307+19LAM Kong Loong (MAS)737778791,070.00
47=307+19Norazlee IDRIS (MAS)797377781,070.00
49310+22Supajak SUPAPINYO (THA)737686751,010.00
50=312+24Mohd Iylia JAMIL (MAS)75737787970.00
50=312+24Muhammad Afif FATHI (A) (MAS)78758277AMATEUR
52315+27M Muhazim BAKHTIAR (MAS)79748379930.00
54154+10Phatthara AMORNWETCHARAT (THA)7876MC 0.00
55=155+11Sofian KEPLI (MAS)7679MC 0.00
55=155+11Hakyeul LEE (KOR)7778MC 0.00
57=156+12Irfan YUSOFF (MAS)8175MC 0.00
57=156+12TAN Chien Hau (MAS)7977MC 0.00
59157+13Muhammed Talha LOKMAN (MAS)7978MC 0.00
60159+15Akihiko HASHIZUME (JPN)7881MC 0.00
61=RTDRTDJaydon PANG (A) (MAS)84RTDRTD 0.00

LALI.ELITE.GOLF the thinking golfer- Striking a golf ball is blessed RARE skill-Talent- If you have make use of it fullest
#Damai Golf & Country Club, Kuching:#Damaru Golf

Established in April 1996, the Damai Golf and Country Club in Sarawak boasts the true elegance of an international standard 18-hole, par 72 golf course.

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