Tuesday, 3 February 2015

MayBank Open Golf 2015 Curtain raised at Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club

3-2-2015 Warming up to the Maybank Malaysian Open 2015 at the resplendent Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club.
2010 US Open winner Graeme McDowell enjoying staying in Malaysia, “had a little cruise around the city yesterday afternoon and getting a feel of the city; it’s a beautiful city with great people”. This game will be his first game at KLGCC.
DG: Could you tell us what will be your likely score?
GM: Likely score? Hopefully many under par! You know I haven’t seen the golf course yet so looking forward to getting there this afternoon. I obviously got a pretty high-profile draw this afternoon with the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the Chairman of Maybank and the head of Malaysian Golf Association (MGA). Should be a lot of fun, and I’m obviously looking forward to checking out the golf course. I hear the Prime Minister has been practicing a little bit so gotta watch myself this afternoon.
DG: So likely, a probably score….?
GM: Well, err maybe 15 to 20-under par, that’s kind of what I’m expecting. I heard that they’ve lengthened a couple of tee-boxes after Lee Westwood won by seven here last year. So like I said I don’t know much about the golf course yet, if you ask me that later I might have a better idea.
DG: Sure you will do and we wish you all the best.
GM: Thank you.

Lee Westwood
Questions by Damaru Golf
DG: What made you great golfer other than hard work?
LW: You hit the head of the nail, it is the hard work!
DG: Other than hard work?
LW: Talent.
DG: What kind of talent?
LW: (laughing) All talent!

Arie  Fauzi
As a young junior, Arie showed immense potential. Yet, after his return from the US, Arie’s game did not match his talent. Recently however, the 24-year old has shown dramatic improvement (bagging two titles in a space of two months), which he says was due setting goals for himself (which he didn’t do because he was “cocky”) and meeting and talking to the top golfers such as Singapore’s Mardan Mamat and Myanmar’s Zaw Moe.
Questions by Damaru Golf:
DG: One and a half years ago upon arrival from the States, your golf was not that good. But now you’re good - winning the ADT event last week. How did this come about?
AF: Well, I was cocky as soon as I came and played without any further thinking. Now I’m different and realized I had a lot more to learn. Since then, I have been speaking to many successful players like Mardan Mamat (Singaporean Asian Tour player), Zaw Moe (Burmese Asian Tour player) and other Asian Tour players etc and have been developing myself to gain more confidence in my distances and during play. I also set goals which I never really did as soon as I came (from US). Now I have goals and I chase them.
DG: Why didn’t you set goals? Everyone has goals….?
AF: Well I’m learning, everyone goes through a learning period. Now I’m better in understanding.
DG What’s your next goal, now that you are the number one in Malaysia?
AF: To be among the top ten in Asian Tour.
DG What will you play this time, your likely score?
AF: Not sure, it’s difficult  to say.
DG: This is your home club, you’ve played many times, what has been your best score in this course?
Arie: I don’t remember.
DG: OK, well what is your goal for the tournament?
AF: I’ll try to be 2 -under each day.
DG: We wish you the best, you can do it. At 8-under, your score will be the best historically among the Malaysian entries and you will be probably within the top ten. It’s not difficult, we wish you good luck.
Arie Thank you
Damaru Golf Notes:
Damaru Golf tech notes we have always been advocating golfers that they have to find their own ways and their own methods of playing the game that fits the day, the time and the venue

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