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RM6.235 million. for 2015 Oh boys get them

Kyi Hla Han, Tun Ahmad Sarji & A C Wong

As the Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) Tour prepares for its fifth full season in 2015, there was encouraging news delivered today that points to a bigger and better tour.

In outlining the mechanics of what will essentially make up the Tour next year, PGM Tour chairman, Tun Ahmad Sarji, said it would comprise of four tournament levels of components, with a total prize money of RM6.235 million.

The increase of RM1.2 million this season will see 43 events in all, staged next year. The PGM Tour will co-sanction 12 tournaments with the Asian Development Tour (RM2.45 mil) and three with the Asean PGA Tour (RM540,000). 

Malaysians in world golf ranking 

16th NOVEMBER 2014
This Week Last week

453 436 235 Nicholas Fung 0.3927 17.28 44 -15.97 2.92 44
522 518 1158 Arie Ahmad Irawan 0.3265 13.06 40 -1.14 12.77 35
543 604 702 Danny Chia 0.307 12.28 40 -6.6 12.47 32
687 681 823 Airil Rizman Zahari 0.1918 7.67 40 -3.07 6 26
724 715 851 Gavin Green(Am) 0.1659 6.64 40 -3.65 6 5
798 794 780 Shaaban Hussin 0.1321 5.28 40 -3.05 3 29
809 802 541 Iain Steel 0.1272 5.09 40 -6 - 27
817 817 1508 Khor Kheng-Hwai 0.1261 5.04 40 -0.18 5.22 22
835 838 1508 Ben Leong 0.1204 4.82 40 -0.4 5.22 9
847 841 778 R. Nachimuthu 0.1165 4.66 40 -4.32 3.6 25
1167 1167 1254 Sukree Othman 0.0411 1.65 40 -0.64 1.2 28
1273 1265 1508 Abel Tam 0.0297 1.19 40 -0.01 1.2 14
1321 1318 1508 Nicholas Pua 0.0262 1.05 40 -0.39 1.44

Bigger and Better 2014 PGM Tour Season

KUALA LUMPUR – DECEMBER 29, 2013 – In a milestone breakthrough the Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) Tour has unveiled its 2014 Schedule with prize money that eclipses the RM5 million-mark.

Making the announcement at a Press Conference at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club today, PGM chairman and the driving force behind the rapid growth of the Tour that enters its fourth full season next year, Tun Ahmad Sarji also divulged that there would be a few more tournaments added to the Schedule, which will boast a collect prize purse of RM5.003 million.

“We are pleased that today we can stand here and tell our (Tour) members that next season there will be a prize money of RM 5 million and that the number of tournaments has been increased to 36 including the Satellite events – whereby there are 11. The Satellite Tour is PGM’s grass root program to tap young talents for a career in professional golf.

“In all, there will be 25 tournaments on the Tour proper, of which 11 will be co-sanctioned with the Asian Development Tour (ADT). This also represents an increase from nine this year. And again, there will be three events to be run in association with the Asean PGA Tour – the same as this season. The ADT events form an important component within PGM to enable Malaysia golfers to come within the top 300 in the official World Golf Rankings to qualify in the 2016 Olympics.

“At this juncture,” said Tun Sarji,“ we would like to record our thanks to both the ADT and Asean PGA for their continued support of the PGM Tour. The Asian Tour’s support for PGM is most beneficial to Malaysia in the light of the 2016 Olympics.

Four tournaments namely the LADA Langkawi Masters, Sabah Championship, MNRB Sarawak Championship and MIDF KLGCC Championship have had their purses boosted to RM250,000 – all up from RM200,000.

Among the newcomers on the Schedule will be the Swiss-Garden Closed Championship in Perak, the Amverton Cove Closed Championship in Selangor, the Asean PGA Staffield Championship in Negeri Semiblan, the Putrajaya Championship in Putrajaya and the Tiara Closed Championship in Melaka.

The additions merely serve to further consolidate the Tour’s ambitions of spreading the game to other parts of the country on a variety of courses to test the fitness and skills of our professional golfers.

In many ways, the expanded Tour does not come as a surprise as it has developed steadfastly and grown in stature through a sustained effort to make it what it should be -  a Tour of substance and one which truly reflects a national growth of the sport.

“The inclusion of the new events has been made possible by added sponsorship,” said Tun Sarji. “And with this we are most grateful to the new sponsors who have seen it fit to join forces with the PGM Tour. We are equally appreciative of the support we have received from the sponsors who were with us this season and those who have been with us from the start of the Tour in 2010.

“Without their commitment to helping develop golf in this country, we would not be where we are today,” said Tun Sarji, who noted that they viewed the 2013 season as “a successful one” and looked forward to the 2014 campaign with even greater anticipation.

“Our players on Tour have shown remarkable progress and this is evident in the lower scores we see carded regularly these days,” he said. “And the courses that we play on Tour have also shown a marked improvement and this view comes from the players themselves.

“Of course, we know there are still some venues that can be improved upon and we are in constant touch with their management teams, looking at ways to achieve this. But overall, we are pleased with the state of our game and hope to make it even better in 2014, more so with the increased sponsorship and number of tournaments.”

The 2014 season will start with the I&P Tournament of Champions at Templer Park Country Club in Rawang from 13-16th January 2014 while the 2013 Maybank Players Championship is set for Saujana Golf & Country from 11-14th December 2013.

About Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM)

Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered on 5th August 2010 in Malaysia. As a non-profit organisation, PGM’s objectives are to promote the sport of golf and to contribute towards its enjoyment and growth. To conduct and/or coordinate training on golf-related courses in order to enhance the playing capabilities and skills of professional golfers, as well as to promote and/or conduct a golf Tour or events as a means to hone their skills and to elevate the standards of the professional golfers in Malaysia. Also, to provide a platform for Malaysia’s professional golfers to enable them to focus on playing while PGM shoulders the responsibility of arranging and financing these tournaments.

To achieve these objectives, PGM organises a series of golf tournaments on an annual basis. For the year 2012, PGM hosted 20 tournaments offering RM3 million in prize money, seven of which were co-sanctioned with the Asian Development Tour.

The schedule for 2013 features 22 tournaments offering prize money of over RM4 million, nine of which are co-sanctioned with the Asian Development Tour and three with the ASEAN Tour. The expansion of the Tour on an annual basis and the increased prize money is an indicator of its vibrant growth year-on-year.




Since PGM’s inception on 5th August 2010, below number of tournaments and individual winners.

Year                   Tournaments              Satellite Tour                             Prize Money
2010                   27-30 December                                                                     RM150,000
Opening Tournament
at Impian GCC              
2011                           16                                          –                                                RM2.55 million
2012                           20                                          –                                                RM3 million
2013                           22                                11 Q-Schools                                RM4.2 million
2014                           25                                11 Q-Schools                                RM5.043 million

PGM has been classified by the European Tour as the ‘Fastest Growing Tour in the World” and endorsed by the other PGA Tours and golfing organisations.

Asian Tour

Currently we have 8 PGM players playing the 2014 Asian Tour. Two (2) are fully exempted (Nicholas Fung and Danny Chia) for being within the Top-60 of the Asian Tour Order of Merit. The other six are our best three (3) on the Asian Tour (namely: Iain Steel, Shaaban Hussin, Ben Leong) and three (3) from 2014 PGM OOM (namely: Airil Rizman, Sukree Othman, Khor Kheng Hwai.)

Individual tournament winners:

a.           Asian Tour. Three (3) winners as follows:

1.           Danny Chia – Taiwan 2002

2.           Airil Rizman – Pakistan 2007

3.           Ben Leong – Worldwide Holdings Selangor Masters 2008

b.           Asian Development Tour (ADT). Six (6) winners as follows:

1.           2011 Malacca - S. Sivachandhran

2.           2012 Sarawak – Kenneth De Silva

3.           2013 & 2014 Glenmarie – Danny Chia (back-to-back wins)

4.           2013 Templer Park – Nicholas Fung

5.           2013 Terengganu – Iain Steel

6.           2014 Vascory Templer Park – Gavin Kyle Green (Am)

c.            ASEAN PGA. Two (2) winners as follows:

1.           2013 Penang – Shaaban Hussin

2.           2014 Port Dickson – Lim Eng Seng

2014 Order of Merit

Looking at the 2014 PGM Tour Order of Merit indicates that within the Top-30 players, 15 of them are below the age of 25, which is a clear indicator that the younger players are now beginning to dominate the Tour. This is largely due to the exposure and regularity the Tour schedule provides.

In fact, in any tournament now it’s very difficult to predict who the winner will be because there are several players who may just sprout up and dominate the tournament, as Lim Eng Seng did at the ASEAN PGA tournament in PD recently.

The competition is so tight at the top of the Order of Merit that any of the Top-10 could conceivably win this year’s Order of Merit.

The PGM Tour Order of Merit is very good qualification for participation in PGA, European and Asian Tour sanctioned events. We hope the higher ranked players will play in more international events to add to their World Ranking Points and gain qualification to the 2016 Olympics. PGM are undertaking studies as to how this can be achieved.

World Golf Ranking – Week 46 (Malaysia)

Currently 16 Malaysia professionals are listed in the World Golf Ranking as of Week 46, ending 16th November 2014. Highlights in order of placing are:

                                                                                                         End 2013        This Week

               a.  Nicholas Fung                                                           235                       453
               b.  Arie Irawan                                                            1,158                       522
               c.  Danny Chia                                                                  702                        543
               d.  Airil Rizman                                                               823                        687
               e.  Gavin Green (AM)                                                   851                        724
               f.  Shaaban Hussin                                                        780                        798

See attached list for detailed breakdown.

PGM Tour Calendar 2015

Total of 43 events for Prize Money of RM6,235 million in 2015
Compared to 2014 – it is seven (7) tournaments more, a 19.44% increase,
and an increase of almost RM2 million in Prize Money equivalent to 23.64%.

43 Tournaments comprise as follows:

Events                                                                           No.        Total Prize Money
PGM-ADT Tournaments                                       12          RM2,450,000
PGM ASEAN PGA Tournaments                        3            RM540,000
PGM Closed Tournaments                                   15          RM2,795,000
PGM Tournament of Champions                      1            RM250,000
PGM Development Circuit Q-Schools             12          RM200,000
Total: RM6,235 million

PGM-ADT Tournaments
(Number of events remain the same as last year – 12 events – but the prize money has been set at RM200,000 per event.)

  • These tournaments are co-sanctioned with the Asian Development Tour and enable Malaysian players to accumulate World Ranking Points and qualify for the 2016 Olympics.

  • Malaysian players benefit from the exposure of playing against an international field.

PGM ASEAN PGA Tournaments
(Number of events remains at three. Prize money has been increased by RM10,000 to RM180,000 per event.)

  • These tournaments are conducted together with the ASEAN PGA. They provide exposure by allowing players to contest against players from ASEAN countries.

PGM Closed Tournaments
(Number of events have been increased from 10 to 15. Prize money has been increased by RM20,000 to RM180,000 per event.)

  • These tournaments are open only to Malaysian players to enable them to gain tournament experience on a regular basis and earn a living.

PGM Tournament of Champions
(Number of events remains at one and is open to winners of all past events. Prize money has been increased by RM50,000 to RM250,000.)

  • This tournament is a reward that brings together the winners of all past PGM Tournaments to vie for the Tournament of Champions title.

PGM Development Circuit – Q-Schools
(Number of events increased from 11 to 12.)

  • The Q-School in January and June will offer RM25,000 each in prize money. An increase of 334.78%. The remaining Q-Schools will offer RM15,000 each in prize money. An increase in 160.87%.

  • The Top-10 will now receive prize money (increased from the Top-5 previously.)

  • RM25,000 / RM15,000 will be allocated from 1st to 10th place. (Previously it was RM5,750 from 1st to 5th place.) (Breakdown yet to be finalised.)

  • The PGM Satellite Tour has a new concept and has been renamed the PGM Development Circuit and Qualifying School.

  • In order to increase the number of PGM Tour card holders the Q-Schools have been increased to one a month, 12 in total for 2015.

  • PGM Tour Card Holders. There are currently 155 Tour cards holders. Having increased both the number of Q-School events and the prize money this will encourage more golfers to attend Q-School and enhance participation in the main PGM Tour tournaments.

PGM Tour Order of Merit

The PGM Order of Merit (OOM) is a good indication of the professional abilities of Malaysian professional golfers currently in the country. All PGM tournaments are four days duration and conducted in accordance with international PGA regulations under the supervision of qualified R&A referees. The Tour is sustainable and programmed with total predictability. Furthermore the PGM Order of Merit offers an accurate, transparent and publically accessible ranking system of all playing professionals currently. The recognition given by the Asian Tour and all the sponsors to use the PGM Order of Merit as the basis to select Malaysian professionals for International Golf Tournaments is testimony of its status.

Over the last four years the PGM Tour Order of Merit has been based on internal events and it is now time for change and include money earned on selected overseas tournaments. This would include money earned on ASEAN PGA, Asian Development Tour, Asian Tour, OneAsia, European Tour, US PGA Tour, Japan Golf Tour, Sunshine Tour and PGA Tour of Australasia.

Half the prize money, (fifty per cent), won at any tournament on these tours will count towards the PGM Tour Order of Merit. This will include the Maybank Malaysian Open, CIMB Classic, Worldwide Holdings Selangor Masters and the Vascory Classic and any other purposed sanctioned Malaysian professional tournaments … we have to consider the Maybank Qualifier and CIMB Qualifier if someone asks the question.

For any winnings earned on these Tours to be counted towards the PGM Tour Order of Merit, a player, before the commencement of the tournament, must meet the following criteria:

Must be a Malaysian citizen.

Must be a current PGM Tour Card Holder.

Must have entered and competed in a minimum of eight (8) PGM Tournaments to be eligible for the PGM Tour Order of Merit.

Must abide by the conditions of the competition. (Pay the Tournament Entrance Fee and 5% Player’s Levy.)

Players must conduct themselves professionally both on and off the golf course at all times.

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