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Damaru Golf in search of holy grail of success

Investors have been banking on a decline in the popularity of golf, with stocks that have exposure to the sport seeing an increase in shorting. One big reason absence of  Tiger woods
He brought My granny to TV now he has taken all out of TV
 And if there's one big reason, look to one player, says an expert.

On the side lines Billy  Horschel said to Damaru Golf- Question
Would tiger woods be worlds number one with or without pro. Billy answered ,Yes He would have been number one with or without pro  It is the traits that he wield the skills that he posses makes him a winner-All that were inborn and groomed during formative years.

Shot of the day
Lee Westwood  get a holes in one day 2 at CIMB PGA@ KLGC TO QUESTION BY Damaru Golf what club was used- Lee answered  rescue. Was it luck or skill ?  Lee-responded both more luck

Coach not a pro who goes behind me has helped to see the game that can be played in a different way
Damaru Golf had question for ANGELO QUE OF PHILIPPINES –He lost to Henderson on a play off last week Hong Kong open
Andre tell us please has any one helped you in golf?
Yes my coach ?
How did he help?
Well no specifics but overall advice
Please give us one?
He will come behind me to the course and open my eyes to see things I would not have seen alone and make my game different than what was in my mind. Well that’s a fine answers Ie he opened your mind to perhaps  better possibilities in getting the ball.

Now can pls tell us can he help you with -  say a 6 feet put breaking left
A NO  putting is very individual
Then chipping can he help  well that too individual
Any possible help with the approach shot with a yardage in between ?
Anthony He responded  -NO- that too is individual
Well approach shot, chip and the put is over 80 % of the game  and no one can  help
Correct ? the little eye opener  BY THE PRO  is good enough to make a difference.
Answer  YES!

Is Philippine good enough to produce champions
Of course Philippines can produce champions I I have not gone any where to train. Champions n can come from any country

 With Sergio Garcia

Golfing skills either you have it or you do not

Questions  is it possible to give, train or impart skills Golfing skills

Sergio Garcia  NO Either you have it or you don’t

Do you have a helper or pro
Who is he ?
My father

Damaru Golf   
Darren Pro fo Steven said OOOOOO H smiled mints and mints before getting to answer

Please to chat up with you in Kuala Lumpur

tell us please how long have you been guiding ....... four years. Both played  same club Golf. He was plus four i was puls two He turned pro Since them i am with him as we are more of friends 

What is the thing that you did to make  him a better player.

OOOOH thats a difficult question !
Ok tell us one the most measurable thing you did that he really turned good.

Well,well  ........................ well nothing in particular but overall he enjoys  talking to me and probably he gets some mental support with me around.
Is that the  reason you are following ?

Stephen Lewton probably get emotional support from Darren They are good friends

What is described here is not advice to follow, reader ,decide what is best to do and not strictly assume that this advice if any  given is  a cure or medicine to improve golf skills.

Damaru Golf or any of it associates do not hold any responsibility
with resulting actions ,consequences of opinions expressed .
Follow only if feels right

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