Friday, 19 September 2014

Shaaban Hussin the best performing Malaysian at Selangor masters at the end of the second day - selangor masters

Local golfers need  course to practice- need sponsors to be full time golfers.All most all of them are part timers and pay to practice.Rich malaysia Rich tournaments but no support for locals to be better golfers --Calling big companies ,golf  clubs to come forward to make Malaysia a truly a good golfing nation---damaru golf tech Malaysian Chapter----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Local Golfer by far is a Kampung Boy relaxed smiling friendly happy go lucky sportsman ,cheers  win or lose.

Have a inner smile not a monkey smile to deliver best possible

Well  deserved  as modesty of the man remain untouched and head is lite all the time.Shaaban

Shaaban and his caddy All smiling with or without performance
Shaaban Hussin the local hero with a minus four  after day two in all smiles and relating 

how he got double bogey after two successive eagles yesterday. His relaxed form is 

certainly a plus trait to stay relaxed during the game.

He is a golfer who has not been loaded with all the dos like keep head down, .keep sing 

plane drop the shoulder etc etc. He simply hit the balls .As for tomorrow he did not agree 

with what Damaru Golf tech suggested two under at lest. Shaban declared it will nothing 

but 6 under and catch the leader on day as three. He did not stop at that Responded his 

caddy is the best so this produced this pose  to Damaru Golf Yesterday after the game.

Iylia at tenth  drive 

iliyas mom

Iylia Jamils  mom was in jubilant form roaming near 10 the tee waiting for ilyia  to tee off. Iylia was one under yesterday  and quite certain of making the cut today. To question form Damaru this is how she responded.

1- why are you not caddying.
IyliaJamil as said it is time to rest for me and that he can take another caddy.
2- why did you take up caddying ilys.Eliya missed the cut nine games in a row tow years ago and was about to give up.SO I said with little money left why not give me a chance to caddy. So he accepted started doing well and we continued till he has settled.
3-what did you do, to make him win. I did thing out of the box. Like what ? just made him laugh with jokes as she felt he was trying too hard and that made him do errors.
So many other factor wee  reveled, Unfortunately Damaru is unable to publish all that without her approval. As she was carried  away with the momentum of very cordial discussing, to say all ,when the atmosphere was relaxed to talk. With Damaru Golf of course.

Your visit drive us to give U  special
Nicholas Pua +7 DAY ONE

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