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needs of professional golfers of Malaysia -Sarawak we are coming- take a look at US

needs of professional golfers of Malaysia -Sarawak we are coming --take a look at US
Professional Golf Malaysia  touring every corner of the Nation
Upcoming PGM MNRB Sarawak Championship
Malaysia, no doubt has elevated to nation that can hold world-class golfing events. The golfing radar focuses quite often on Malaysia as result. The prize money on offer surpasses that of neighboring nations by miles.
Yet Malaysia has not been giving enough competition to the foreign players who participate in the Big-Local-Golfing events where they continue to win the big prize-cheques from Malaysian hosted events, leaving behind a trickle for the local lads. This has happened for years and will continue to be so until the Malaysian pros are given the opportunity to train without a burden.

Lack of sponsorships is one main burden as most players toil in part-time activities to make a living and play golf as a part-time profession. Malaysia needs patriotic organizations in the class of SINGHA in Thailand, where all professional golfers are taken care of, with all touring expenses sustenance expenses being covered by the giant corporate. The results are evident.
As the PGM Tour is the fastest growing professional tour which covers the entire nation, organizing events in every state and actively promoting the game at state levels, organizations can take a look at players home to that state to give some assistance to them and at the same time ride on advertising mileage. Hence the relationship becomes a symbiosis that benefits both parties. As said before, the brands get exposed to the world radar of travel, golf and investment. Another need is the need for private clubs to open up the gates for professional golfers of Malaysia to practice. Practice in the same way they play tournaments and not with buggies etc. Furthermore, facilities to play must be given free of green fees and not as green-free-paying players.
Historically billionaire’s children have rarely excelled to the top of any sport worldwide. Most top athletes have their roots in middle-class families. Naturally, this is due to their inherent skills which are needed to excel in sports.
Wealth cannot buy skills
Damaru Golf firmly believe skills needed to excel cannot be bought, nor sold nor given free. They can only be polished by the sheer passion and love for the game. When a player is zero handicapped he is indeed blessed with a talent for golf. Malaysia has adequate numbers of such players. But most of them are pastime players largely due to a lack of resources to sustain what could have been a lucrative profession for them.
With the next event being held at Sarawak, may we request the Sarawak authorities to take a look at the sons from Sarawak. Sabah has done this very well, grooming several top players in Malaysia.

Like Sabah, Sarawak tourism or the State Investment Authority appear most suitable with other possible Brands like MNRB to ride on TO the world market, from Sarawak????????
For this to happen one cannot describe how important contribution PGM can make  getting sponsors and getting private clubs to open the gate  for national needs
Damaru Golf Malaysia Hopes PGM Chief s enticing speeches will include inviting corporation to give first and reap later,Entice private clubs to open the gates to practice and be more  patriotic.Cost negligible benefits are vast to  all nation ,club,players Then why not .Please do not lock the gates for these aspiring Golfers who knows how to care for the green and hoe to inspire the members how to play good golf
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