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Malaysia Boleh Spirits are waning. Give them a hand-Professional golfers of Malaysia

Malaysia  Boleh  Spirits are  waning. Give them a hand-Professional golfers of Malaysia

Calling Giant corporations, Golf Clubs, PGM, PGAM  ,Ministries of  Sports, Tourism, Economic development etc as  classy local golfers  will generate huge return to the nation. Imagine what would be like if- another Tiger like- is a Malaysian .It is  A SOLO INDUSTRY THAT CAN SUPPORT A NATION -To become classy local pros they need courses to practice and the basic sustenance expenses .Part timing will not make them go above the current levels  100 golfer will cost only  300,000 monthly Only. each getting 3000 a month. With free access to course presently closed , will enable them to focus on developing the game rather than working and playing par time.paying green fees etc 

Wirat the champion was supported by the sponsor at the age of 15 and he is still being supported by the same sponsor ,despite having enough to support more than him self at present .A much loved corporation of Thailand. There is a long queue of champions to come  watch them take all big prices-They are all nursed by Giant loved corporations and courses

Stallions are born They need to run freely -to be champions.Donkeys will not be champions what ever the training given.Malaysia has plenty of stallions unfortunately they have no place to run freely.Nor do they have enough  basic needs to support.

Blessed with a vast land -not so blessed to hit that shot you love to hit

Billionaires nor their children nor the the billions spent on technical training will not produce champions as skills cannot be bought nor sold nor given free.They must be acquired. 

give them much needed space not with buggies not with discounted green fees BUT FREE 100% Rewards to the giver will be immense-
To acquire they need  courses to practice.with basic supporting system.
Ones who have ascended to a state of capability-- needs a supporting system to match the levels of skills aliens have.

Thais have over 200 in sponsored  IN care they have lined up one behind the others.Watch them win big prices.

The few Malaysian who made the cut were found at the bottom half of the leaderboard on this -Minor- Asian Tour event.This is the home for all yet guests found the venue to be more homely as they know when played guided by aerial route all courses are the same .Why?How ? all shots are created  to fit the game

Imagine 10 under of the winner VS  2 over of the best Malaysian
------spirit of mua thai---------
Spirited Malaysians dry out making a living, finding courses to practice, with no energy left to win in Thai Style as you see above 
It is time PGAM, PGM,Ministry of Sports ,Tourism come forward and give a hand to the local pros in terms of venues to practice and sponsorship so they are not part-timers.
Golfing industry can rise only when the locals play good golf,When the golf industry rise Golf Clubs and the whole industry benefits finally the nation too.Wake up Malaysia.
We heard another loud voice- Malaysian Golfers are petted.When asked please be specific he had no clear answers .When told they have no COURSE  even to practice he was shocked. Yes at junior level one can say, they are petted ,mainly in the form of theoretical techniques of  golf trying to push down the throat ,when the fact is loud and clear.Skills  cannot be bought nor sold nor passed on free.Skills must be acquired.
For skills to acquire, spirited pros must be provided basic facilities .Venues to practice not with buggies not with discounted green fees. BUT FREE WALKING- WALKING COURSE.

With no golf courses from 250 over-- to practice (free of green fees), with part time golfing by most promising Malaysian Pros, 
Malaysia will  remain in distant dream of making to the grade of winning even minor majors. When the big majors are held in Malaysia. They come, they take all, leaving little or nothing to the locals. Why when Malaysia is  BOLEH? No facilities for the pros.Despite they are in abundance but closed- 

Damaru Golf Malaysian Chapter was with a leading Singapore professional who was under the impression, Malaysian have so many courses to play and practice and was amused at why Malaysians did not perform.When he realised that there are actually no courses that allow pros to practice with no green fees and buggies he was really- really shocked!!!! He said Singapore despite having limited courses, they still allow their pros to practice. So is  with Thailand. So is with in India. So is with Sri Lanka too, an island with with very limited facilities. They are patriotic.Clubs allowing practice and loved companies to finance the needs

Future of Malaysia- When asked why????

Damaru Golf Malaysian  Chapter asked these future Malaysian golfers why the Malaysian pros are not in the scene?

They first wondered and said not enough practice?

Practice? Where do they practice ?

"Well Kinara" was the reply one gave to which Damaru responded "No it is not free for the pros". Another responded "Sri Selangor" to which Damaru Golf informed them that Seri Selangor is not free too.
They were surprised! Shocked to know that Malaysian golfers have no course to practice! Besides they were even more disappointed when told most Malaysian pros have no sponsors hence they need to work in part-time jobs, as tournament earnings are not sufficient to make a living. They were disappointed and were probably wondering whether golf is worthwhile as a career - unless their Dads and Moms have the spare cash to spend , in abundance.Malaysia Pros are not true  pros as they are part timers .

Thai companies are loved by the Thais who are being supported all the way their inner spirits of becoming champions.Thais have a huge line of champions, coming one after another. Thai exclusive golf clubs are patriotic and they love to see Thai golfers in  front of Asia. They understand that as a whole, when the golf industry does well, Thailand benefits. Why? How? More winners equals more golfers and so better business.

Malaysian golf clubs are closed to professionals of Malaysia.Some even say PGM professional Card is not recognised ! -WOW-

With no course to practice and with no funds to pay green fees and not being able to walk in, how can they ever match the Thais? Rich tournaments are held in Malaysia, unlike adjacent countries. And these rich Malaysian tournaments are really benefitting the golfers of adjacent countries more than the Malaysian golfers. Time to wake up Malaysia.
your encouragement will be our spirit

refer  pic below  pls- all comes out - ball to left or right ,fast, slow medium or spin or what ever the creative need -Yes all comes out from inside ,easy effortless after the solid intention to a man - Money nor free advice cannot put inside this intention- This is the best Malaysian -Sahaban who understand this -JUST HIT lah- every shot is a creative shot and not the one that was practiced in the range

Yes sunk put by Shaban Hussin


Your encouragement is our spirit

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