Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fine opportunity for top Professional Golf Malaysia card holders to show


Selangor masters is an Asian tour event.Available slots for the malaysian pros exceed 35 with invitations.The one an only major that gives such an opportunity to aspiring local lads. Say -Thank you Selangor -
Course is a home course  Sri Selangor  for many-- error  as   we were told even this course a 50% of the normal fee is charged for all .Meaning Malaysian have no home course to practice...Then why not perform little better than aliens to the home course after all it is game at home Sorry  all players are of equal footing ,There is no home course advantage for locals.
PGM AND PGAM Must address this issue Provide  facilities to practice.

Benefits  are immense a stepping stone to the big league of Golf -Asian Tour
Damaru Malaysia chapter hope Malaysian professional will prove they can match any in home course

Malaysia Pros in Action will be

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