Saturday, 14 June 2014

records by Gaving at RM250,000 Vascory Templer Park Championship in Rawang

It is easy as A B C when the personality is right coupled with way of life and passion at 100%

Amateur GAVIN Green won the RM250,000 Vascory Templer Park Championship in Rawang today and did it in some style.He will continue to win  all PGM event when is here

The twenty-year-old Malaysian became the first amateur to win on the Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) Tour and the Asian Development Tour, who co-sanctioned the event.

PGM VaScory winner with the team PGM

Green today carded a second 64 of the tournament to finish with a massive 11-stroke victory at Templer Park Country Club. Indeed, with rounds of 67, 64, 67 and 64, this was a classy display that all of the pros in the field would have been proud of.

The University of New Mexico student also finished with the best scoring aggregate yet on either of the two Tours – 26-under-par, which would have knocked over many a record had it not been for the preferred lies used because of incessant rainfall.

comment by damaru golf  tech- Gaving will win all the PGM events if he takes part.Question will he? As just like the way he was given exemption of Q School by PGM ..Asian tour too will give him exemption taking in to account his Malaysian Open Performance.
So all probability is he will net play in all event of PGM Tour.  doors   open  easy to the right person

Gaving the winner less  Money but a trophy

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