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FINALS- DANNY -WINS rain havocked unfinished day 3 C/F to day 4 - Professional Golf Malaysia (PGM) Tour’s Northport Glenmarie Championship at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club

Chan Shih-Chang
Danny CHIA (MAS) 

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DANNY Chia bounced back from injury to successfully defend his Northport Glenmarie Championship title on the PGM Tour at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club in Shah Alam, Selangor, today.

In an event adversely affected by inclement weather, Danny won it on the third playoff hole which left third round leader Sattaya Supupramai of Thailand the runner-up.

Sidelined for the last six months of last season by injury, Danny shot a closing round 68 for a 13-under-par 275 total. That was matched by Sattaya who carded a last round 70, as the weather interrupted play for the fourth straight day.

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Unfinished day 3  THE inclement weather experienced over the first two rounds of the PGM Tour’s Northport Glenmarie Championship again caused havoc with the tournament today, bringing a premature end to the third day.

After play was stopped yet again at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club in Shah Alam, Selangor, due to rain and the threat of lighting in the afternoon, tournament officials resolved to complete the third round tomorrow, followed immediately by the fourth and final round – weather permitting.

As a consequence, only 16 players managed to get through their third rounds. It left Grant Jackson of England with the clubhouse lead on four-under 212. He shot a third round 70 and had a one-stroke advantage over compatriot Peter Richardson (70) and Malaysian M. Sasidaran (72).

Poosit Supupramai 
1212-4Grant JACKSONENG736970
2=213-3Peter RICHARDSONENG717270
2=213-3M. SasidaranMAS697272
4=214-2Iain STEELMAS736972
4=214-2Phipatphong NAEWSUKTHA746872
6=215-1CHOO Tze HuangSIN707273
6=215-1Senroku ISAJPN756971
8=216ParSukree OTHMANMAS707373
8=216ParDavid LUTTERUSAUS727074
10=2171LAM ZhiqunSIN727174
10=2171Casey O'TOOLEUSA707374
10=2171Jakraphan PREMSIRIGORNTHA707374
13=2182KOH Deng ShanSIN736976
13=2182Rizal AMINMAS727175
152215C.M. ChongMAS737078
162226Tirawat KAEWSIRIBANDITTHA707379
Day  semi finished standing with only 16 players
day 2  

7 - 10 May 2014
Glenmarie Golf & Country Club
Round 2 - Results
1=137-7Nicholas FUNG (MAS)6968
1=137-7Sattaya SUPUPRAMAI (THA)6869
1=137-7Kenneth DE SILVA (MAS)7463
1=137-7Wolmer MURILLO (VEN)7067
5138-6Darren TAN (AUS)6969
6=139-5Danny CHIA (MAS)7267
6=139-5Suppakorn UTHAIPAT (THA)7069
6=139-5LIN Kuan-po (TPE)7069
6=139-5Shubhankar SHARMA (IND)6970
6=139-5Arie IRAWAN (MAS)6871
6=139-5Motonari NAKAGAWA (JPN)7366
12=140-4R. Nachimuthu (MAS)7070
12=140-4S. Siva Chandhran (MAS)6971
12=140-4James BYRNE (SCO)7367
15=141-3Piya SWANGARUNPORN (THA)6873
15=141-3CHAN Shih-Chang (TPE)7170
15=141-3Natthapong NIYOMCHON (THA)7170
15=141-3Shaaban HUSSIN (MAS)7269
15=141-3Mitsuhiko HASHIZUME (JPN)6675
15=141-3M. Sasidaran (MAS)6972
21=142-2Poosit SUPUPRAMAI (THA)7072
21=142-2Phipatphong NAEWSUK (THA)7468
21=142-2David LUTTERUS (AUS)7270
21=142-2KOH Deng Shan (SIN)7369
21=142-2Grant JACKSON (ENG)7369
21=142-2CHOO Tze Huang (SIN)7072
21=142-2Iain STEEL (MAS)7369
28=143-1LAM Zhiqun (SIN)7271
28=143-1Peter RICHARDSON (ENG)7172
28=143-1Sukree OTHMAN (MAS)7073
28=143-1Jakraphan PREMSIRIGORN (THA)7073
28=143-1Casey O'TOOLE (USA)7073
28=143-1C.M. Chong (MAS)7370
28=143-1Rizal AMIN (MAS)7271
28=143-1Tirawat KAEWSIRIBANDIT (THA)7073
36=144ESenroku ISA (JPN)7569
36=144EJames MOSELEY (USA)7569
36=144EMichael TRAN (VIE)7272
36=144ERattanon WANNASRICHAN (THA)7668
36=144EFarid RASHID (MAS)7173
36=144EHSIEH Tung-shu (TPE)6876
42=145+1S. Murthy (MAS)7471
42=145+1James BOWEN (USA)7372
42=145+1KIM Leun-kwang (MAS)7471
42=145+1Jack MUNRO (AUS)7372
42=145+1Masaru TAKAHASHI (JPN)7372
47=146+2Hunter HAWKINS (USA)7373
47=146+2Lindsay RENOLDS (CAN)7274
47=146+2Pijit PETCHKASEM (THA)7175
47=146+2Panuwat MUENLEK (THA)7670
47=146+2Mathiam KEYSER (RSA)7373
52=147+3Alan CHIN (MAS)7473
52=147+3James GIBELLINI (AUS)7374
52=147+3LIN Chien-bing (TPE)7473
52=147+3Faridil ATRAS (MAS)7275
52=147+3Annop TANGKAMOLPRASERT (THA)7770
52=147+3Somkiat SRISA-NGA (THA)7572
52=147+3Kemarol BAHARIN (MAS)7770
52=147+3Niall TURNER (IRL)7374
52=147+3Pavit TANGKAMOLPRASERT (THA)7473
52=147+3Shaun MALONE (ENG)7176
52=147+3Quincy QUEK (SIN)7473
52=147+3YE Jian-feng (CHN)7374
52=147+3Keegan KAM (MAS)7869
52=147+3Hans JAMIL (MAS)7473
52=147+3Akhmal TARMIZEE (MAS)7374
52=147+3Pawin INGKHAPRADIT (THA)7473
52=147+3LEE Wei-lin (TPE)7473
52=147+3Takashi OKUDA (JPN)7176
52=147+3Somsak KAOPRATUM (THA)7473
71=148+4Jimmy Ko (HKG)7573
71=148+4Zen DHARMARATNE (MAS)7672
71=148+4Mohd Rusli JOHARI (MAS)7474
71=148+4Wisut ARTJANAWAT (THA)7870
71=148+4Marcus BOTH (AUS)7375
71=148+4R.J. CARACELLA (AUS)7573
71=148+4Mohd Amli MOHIYADEEN (MAS)7573
71=148+4Wilson CHOO (MAS)7672
71=148+4Man O IM (USA)7573
71=148+4Rashid ISMAIL (MAS)7375
71=148+4Atthaphon SRIBOONKAEW (THA)7474
82=149+5David GLEESON (AUS)7475
82=149+5Brett MUNSON (USA)7475
82=149+5TSENG Hong-sheng (TPE)7475
82=149+5Mohd Iylia JAMIL (MAS)7475
82=149+5A. Sasar (MAS)7574
87=150+6Anis HASSAN (MAS)7674
87=150+6Mitchell SLORACH (SIN)7773
87=150+6Abel TAM (MAS)7674
87=150+6KHOR Kheng Hwai (MAS)7773
87=150+6Matt KILLEN (ENG)7575
87=150+6Naoto NAKANISHI (JPN)7575
87=150+6Malcolm KOKOCINSKI (SWE)7575
87=150+6Farhan SYARIF (MAS)7872
95=151+7Craig HINTON (ENG)7774
95=151+7Daniel NG (MAS)7576
95=151+7Kenneth TOBUSE (MAS)7477
95=151+7Tommy CHIN (MAS)7378
95=151+7Nicholas PUA (MAS)8071
95=151+7TAN Chien Hau (MAS)7477
95=151+7Blair WILSON (AUS)7675
95=151+7Dino ABDILLAH (MAS)7675
95=151+7Periyono Dolsalim (MAS)7675
104=152+8LAM Yu Shuen (MAS)7775
104=152+8Zamri SARIFF (MAS)7478
104=152+8Lion GOH (MAS)7775
107=153+9Jonathan WONG (MAS)7578
107=153+9Mohd Hafiz (MAS)7677
109=154+10Muhammad Syakir ADLI AZMI (A) (MAS)7777
109=154+10Donlaphatchai NIYOMCHON (THA)7579
109=154+10LAM Kong Loong (MAS)7876
109=154+10HE Zeming (CHN)8173
113=155+11Yuki USAMI (JPN)7580
113=155+11Muhammad Al-Warith (MAS)8273
113=155+11Marc KAWASOE (SIN)7976
113=155+11Shaifubari MUDA (MAS)7778
117156+12Aizat KASIM (A) (MAS)7581
118=157+13Rudy THUILLIER (FRA)7879
118=157+13S.Tamilchelvam (MAS)7978
118=157+13CHONG Lip-shien (MAS)7978
121158+14Faizul ZULKIFLY (A) (MAS)7781
122=159+15NG Choo Teck (A) (MAS)8079
122=159+15Mior Asyraf HAZIQ (MAS)8277
122=159+15Idzkandar MARAPPAN (MAS)7782
122=159+15Abdul Samat ABU (MAS)8079
126=160+16Ariff SARJI (MAS)7783
126=160+16Douglas TOBUSE (MAS)8377
126=160+16Abu Yazid (A) (MAS)7882
126=160+16Mohd Musa FAKIR (MAS)8179
130161+17KHOR Kheng Howe (MAS)8081
131=162+18Mohamad Danial MUKTI (MAS)8478
131=162+18G. Sugumaran (MAS)8181
133163+19Azmer MERZAM (A) (MAS)8479
134168+24Zaizuri OMAR (MAS)8682
136=RTDRTDMuhammad Adam SHAFIQ (MAS)80RTD
136=RTDRTDV. Arumugam (MAS)75RTD
136=RTDRTDAiril Rizman ZAHARI (MAS)80RTD
cut off at 146  -51 play day 3

THE weather played havoc on the PGM Tour’s Northport Glenmarie Championship for the second day in a row today.

The afternoon session of the second round at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club in Shah Alam, Selangor, was abandoned with half of the field yet to complete their rounds – play was suspended just after 2.30.

Of those who did manage to get through the day unscathed, young Kenneth De Silva made full use of the preferred lies and a swing that could not go wrong as he fired a nine-under 63.

PGM Glenmarie R1

Mitsuhiko Takes Clubhouse Lead
Malaysians put in good show on opening day interrupted by bad weather

MITSUHIKO Hashizume of Japan blitzed the course with a six-under 66 today as local lad Arie Irawan shot a 68 to take a share of second place in the clubhouse on the opening day of the Professional Golf Malaysia (PGM) Tour’s Northport Glenmarie Championship at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club in Shah Alam, Selangor.

It was a weather-interrupted first round that had two other Malaysians, Nicholas Fung and S. Sivachandran, just three strokes off the pace after carding matching 69s, as did India’s Shubhankar Sharma and Darren Tan of Australia, to start the tournament.

The Thai duo of Piya Swangarunporn and Sattaya Supupramai also shot four-under-par 68s for a share of second place, alongside.

The afternoon session of the RM200,000 tournament that is co-sanctioned with the Asian Development Tour and carries world ranking points, was held up for some two hours by bad weather that included lightning in the  area, but it did not deter Irawan from being “aggressive” out on the course.

“I did not hold back in my performance today,” he said. “I went for it and in the end I came out with seven birdies and three bogeys, of which I am happy.

“I told myself there was no need to hold back if I really wanted to enjoy myself and play as well as I could. Of course, I do know that I can improve, despite shooting a round like today.

“I have been training hard and will be looking to carrying on with my game-plan tomorrow,” he added.

The clubhouse leader Mitsuhiko said a change in his putting style helped him to the top of the leaderboard and he hoped it continues to the fourth and final day.

The winner of last season’s Langkawi stop, Mitsuhiko added: “The course played tough and the greens were hard and fast, but I am happy with the way I went around it.

“The change in my putting style helped and I am much more confident on the greens,” he added. “Hopefully, it can continue through to the final day.”

Meanwhile, Nicholas, runner-up here last season, was also pleased with his first-day effort that came after he did not even get a practice round in at Glenmarie.

“I only arrived last night (from Sabah),” said the top-ranked Malaysian, who is also the reigning PGM Order of Merit champion over the last two seasons. “There was no chance for me to get a practice round in, so I must say I’m happy with how I played today – five birdies and two (front-nine) bogeys.”

There was an eight-way tie for ninth place and Malaysia had good representation here as well.
R. Nachimuthu and Sukree Othman were joined on two-under 70 by Thailand’s Poosit Supupramai, Suppakorn Uthaipat and Jakraphan Premsirigorn, American Casey O'Toole, Lin Kuan-Po of Taipei and Singaporean Choo Tze Huang.

Leading First Round Scores

166-6Mitsuhiko HASHIZUMEJapan66
2=68-4Piya SWANGARUNPORNThailand68
2=68-4Sattaya SUPUPRAMAIThailand68
2=68-4Arie IRAWANMalaysia68
5=69-3Nicholas FUNGMalaysia69
5=69-3S. Siva ChandhranMalaysia69
5=69-3Shubhankar SHARMAIndia69
5=69-3Darren TANAustralia69
9=70-2Poosit SUPUPRAMAIThailand70
9=70-2R. NachimuthuMalaysia70
9=70-2Suppakorn UTHAIPATThailand70
9=70-2Jakraphan PREMSIRIGORNThailand70
9=70-2Sukree OTHMANMalaysia70
9=70-2Casey O'TOOLEUSA70
9=70-2LIN Kuan-poChinese Taipei70
9=70-2CHOO Tze HuangSingapore70
17=71-1CHAN Shih-ChangChinese Taipei71
17=71-1Peter RICHARDSONEngland71
17=71-1Shaun MALONEEngland71
17=71-1Pijit PETCHKASEMThailand71
17=71-1Natthapong NIYOMCHONThailand71
22=72ParLAM ZhiqunSingapore72
22=72ParFaridil ATRASMalaysia72
22=72ParDanny CHIAMalaysia72
22=72ParLindsay RENOLDSCanada72
22=72ParDavid LUTTERUSAustralia72
22=72ParRizal AMINMalaysia72
22=72ParShaaban HUSSINMalaysia72
22=72ParMichael TRANVietnam72
30=731James GIBELLINIAustralia73
30=731Hunter HAWKINSUSA73
30=731Marcus BOTHAustralia73
30=731Niall TURNERIreland73
30=731YE Jian-fengChina73
30=731C.M. ChongMalaysia73
30=731Tommy CHINMalaysia73
30=731KOH Deng ShanSingapore73
30=731James BOWENUSA73
30=731Grant JACKSONEngland73
30=731Akhmal TARMIZEEMalaysia73
30=731Mathiam KEYSERSouth Africa73
30=731James BYRNEScotland73
30=731Motonari NAKAGAWAJapan73
30=731Rashid ISMAILMalaysia73
45=742Alan CHINMalaysia74
45=742LIN Chien-bingChinese Taipei74
45=742Mohd Rusli JOHARIMalaysia74
45=742Phipatphong NAEWSUKThailand74
45=742S. MurthyMalaysia74
45=742Brett MUNSONUSA74
45=742Pavit TANGKAMOLPRASERTThailand74
45=742David GLEESONAustralia74
45=742Quincy QUEKSingapore74
45=742Kenneth TOBUSEMalaysia74
45=742TSENG Hong-shengChinese Taipei74
45=742Kenneth DE SILVAMalaysia74
45=742TAN Chien HauMalaysia74
45=742Hans JAMILMalaysia74
45=742Zamri SARIFFMalaysia74
45=742Pawin INGKHAPRADITThailand74
45=742Mohd Iylia JAMILMalaysia74
45=742KIM Leun-kwangMalaysia74
63=753V. ArumugamMalaysia75
63=753Jimmy KoHong Kong75
63=753Daniel NGMalaysia75
63=753Somkiat SRISA-NGAThailand75
63=753Donlaphatchai NIYOMCHONThailand75
63=753Matt KILLENEngland75
63=753Jonathan WONGMalaysia75
63=753R.J. CARACELLAAustralia75
63=753Mohd Amli MOHIYADEENMalaysia75
63=753Man O IMUSA75
63=753Yuki USAMIJapan75
63=753Naoto NAKANISHIJapan75
63=753Senroku ISAJapan75
63=753James MOSELEYUSA75
77=764Zen DHARMARATNEMalaysia76
77=764Anis HASSANMalaysia76
77=764Abel TAMMalaysia76
77=764Wilson CHOOMalaysia76
77=764Panuwat MUENLEKThailand76
82=775Craig HINTONEngland77
82=775LAM Yu ShuenMalaysia77
82=775Mitchell SLORACHSingapore77
82=775Annop TANGKAMOLPRASERTThailand77
82=775Kemarol BAHARINMalaysia77
82=775Muhammad Syakir ADLI AZMI (A)Malacca77
82=775Ariff SARJIMalaysia77
82=775KHOR Kheng HwaiMalaysia77
90=786Shang ZHIChina78
90=786Wisut ARTJANAWATThailand78
90=786Keegan KAMMalaysia78
90=786LAM Kong LoongMalaysia78
90=786Rudy THUILLIERFrance78
95797Marc KAWASOESingapore79
96=808Muhammad Adam SHAFIQMalaysia80
96=808NG Choo Teck (A)Malaysia80
96=808Airil Rizman ZAHARIMalaysia80
96=808KHOR Kheng HoweMalaysia80
96=808Nicholas PUAMalaysia80
101819Roberto GALLETTIUSA81
102=8210Jordan SHERRATTAustralia82
102=8210Muhammad Al-WarithMalaysia82
1048311Douglas TOBUSEJapan83
1058412Mohamad Danial MUKTIMalaysia84
1068513Adam SHAWMalaysia85
1078614Zaizuri OMARMalaysia86
108WDN-Mohamad Azman BASHARUDINMalaysiaWDN

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