Saturday, 19 April 2014

Malaysian Pros need mental Maturity and EQUIVALENT VENUES FOR PRACTICE

Out of a contingent of 6  pros  only two made the  cut. Among them only one Nicholas  Fung  is playing to match the visitors . PGM need to look at the real needs of Malaysian Pro players,

First  is the availability of top course to practice, Next is getting the  mentally matured .Course management is a real  need. Just hitting is not the way but positioning to the right place like  what  Lee Westwood played. All tee shots landing in the same place for most  all most all  players.  The difference comes thereafter gets wider on the green. This  reflect all  can strike the ball ,but lacks understanding ,seeing a birds eye view of the game that  needs to  be played. Speaking to few pros reveled they have the habit of going in search of pros  for every error  they make. It is reflection poor mind and the trait  of spoon fed babies. Ie Lacks confidence in self.

More on  How  are they doing so well under these hot conditions

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