Thursday, 17 April 2014

Gavin leaves KLGCC without comments- preparing for tomorrow to be better

MayBank Malaysia Open 2014.

Much expected Gavin finished the day two-over, risking the opportunity to play day 3 and 4.  Damaru Golf feels he is being advised too much on how to play........
Malaysia's best bet so far

Ben Leong Leads The Malaysian Expectation With One Under

Fung and Khor were steadier, both completing the day with pars.
Others were:

Ben Leong at 28th position with -1

Nicholas FUNG at 40th with 72 (Par)
KHOR Kheng Hwai  at 40th with 72 (Par)
Danny CHIA at 40th with 72 (Par)

Iain STEEL at 67th with 73 (one over)

Arie IRAWAN at 88 with 74 (two over)
Gavin GREEN (A) at 88 with 74 (two over)
R. NACHIMUTHU at 88  with 74 (two over)

Shaifubari MUDA at 88 with 74 (two over)
Mohd Iylia JAMIL at 88  with 74 (two over) 

Kenneth DE SILVA  at 108 with 75 (three over)
Shaaban HUSSIN at 108  with 75 (three over)

Ervin CHANG (A) 125  with 76 (four over)
Airil Rizman ZAHARI  at 125 with 76 (four over)
Mohammad WAFIYUDDIN (A) at 125 with 76 (four over)

Wilson CHOO at 132 with 77 (five over)
Sukree OTHMAN at 132 with 77 (five over)
Solomon Emilio ROSIDIN (A) at 132  with 77 (five over)

Rizal AMIN at 141 with 78 (6 over)

Kemarol BAHARIN at142 with 79 (7 over)

S. Murthy  at 150 with 80 (8 over)
S. Siva Chandhran  at 150 with 80  (8 over)

Yes Malaysians were not the last; Joonas Granberg from Finland was. No doubt the weather would have been impossible for the Finn, who finished the day with a score of 82- a 10 over par.

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