Thursday, 17 April 2014

ADT -PGM LADA Langkawi Championship 2014

Only four malaysian made the cut  out of  43 at -3
That  bad in our own soil

DISMAL  performance by Malaysian  Pros Continuing after poor  show at Maybank Open.Total mindset or revamp is the need,as all of them can hit the ball equally well.

Fail  badly in course management.Then  chip and put. As  said before by DamarU Golf Malaysian   Pros  need better practicing  venues. As at today all courses call for using buggy  and not available for Pros without payments o green fees. That's A costly unaffordable way to  practice.Ashar contrast to thailand where  so many patriotic help full  courses,  organization contribute to better golf.

Eg Sinha beer take care of all expenses as soon  a thai player gets professional card  from any tour. Without  such assistance Malaysian  Pros  will continue to struggle.Malaysian pros need to grow in mind  too as most of them behave like spoon fed babies depending on pro  to rectify their errors.

That not possible when playing a  game.110% confidence in self is needed.

Minus three  cut  score is indeed  very high performance game is being played Malaysia have failed badly.Only few have made the cut

await  hole  by  hole  and pictures  please

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