Friday, 25 April 2014

Professional Golf of Malaysia ADT-(PGM) LADA Langkawi Championship FINAL S

CHAN Shih-Chang of Taipei shot a fourth and final round 68 to win the RM250,000 Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) LADA Langkawi Championship today by one stroke at Gunung Raya Golf Resort.

The 25-year-old finished on 19-under-par 269, while Singapore’s Koh Deng Shan fired a brilliant seven-under 65 to climb into second place.

Only 6 malaysian took the cut- They need a change is mind set to be among the winners.They also need a proper practice venue without having to take buggy. Without such  attitude and facilities it will be very long slow process to be among the winners   high performance game of this  nature .If the  Pros  have the attitude of help needed when the ball is off  target -thats spoon fed baby like golfer. Beside time they  add up  how many years of  golf they have played with  assistance    to rectify the game     BY THE ADVICE OF ANOTHER.Over the years how many advice and how many proper games.Is it possible to depend on another to rectify the game and  play four days  alone on the course???


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

day 3 Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM)-ADT LADA Langkawi Championship

Day  3-

THE first round leaders of the Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) LADA Langkawi Championship today regained top spot at Gunung Raya Golf Resort and set up a potentially explosive fourth and final round   tomorrow.

Englishman Grant Jackson and Chan Shih-Chang of Taipei started the tournament by setting a new course record of 64 and the latter carded a 69 and the Taiwanese a 70 to climb to 15-under 201 for the tournament after the third day.



Tuesday, 22 April 2014

day2 Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM)-ADT LADA Langkawi Championship

THAILAND emerged as a serious threat to the Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) LADA Langkawi Championship title today when young Poosit Supupramai equaled the course record at Gunung Raya Golf Resort on the island situated in the Straits of Malacca.

The twenty-year-old fired a 64 to take the halfway lead in the RM250,000 tournament that is co-sanctioned with the Asian Development Tour and carries world ranking points. He was 14-under 130.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Malaysian Pros need mental Maturity and EQUIVALENT VENUES FOR PRACTICE

Out of a contingent of 6  pros  only two made the  cut. Among them only one Nicholas  Fung  is playing to match the visitors . PGM need to look at the real needs of Malaysian Pro players,

First  is the availability of top course to practice, Next is getting the  mentally matured .Course management is a real  need. Just hitting is not the way but positioning to the right place like  what  Lee Westwood played. All tee shots landing in the same place for most  all most all  players.  The difference comes thereafter gets wider on the green. This  reflect all  can strike the ball ,but lacks understanding ,seeing a birds eye view of the game that  needs to  be played. Speaking to few pros reveled they have the habit of going in search of pros  for every error  they make. It is reflection poor mind and the trait  of spoon fed babies. Ie Lacks confidence in self.

More on  How  are they doing so well under these hot conditions

Thursday, 17 April 2014

watch out for Able Tam from Johor A NOW A PROFESSIONAL GOLFER

ABEL Tam shot the low round of the Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) Tour’s third Satellite circuit event, to win the title by a single stroke at Kinrara Golf Club in Puchong today.

The 21-year-old, who relinquished his spot on the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) junior programme to turn pro some six weeks ago, fired a third round 67 to finish on two-under-par 211. That effort earned him top-spot ahead of Daniel Sidek, who carded a 71 for a 212 total at the three-day event.


ADT -PGM LADA Langkawi Championship 2014

Only four malaysian made the cut  out of  43 at -3
That  bad in our own soil

DISMAL  performance by Malaysian  Pros Continuing after poor  show at Maybank Open.Total mindset or revamp is the need,as all of them can hit the ball equally well.

Fail  badly in course management.Then  chip and put. As  said before by DamarU Golf Malaysian   Pros  need better practicing  venues. As at today all courses call for using buggy  and not available for Pros without payments o green fees. That's A costly unaffordable way to  practice.Ashar contrast to thailand where  so many patriotic help full  courses,  organization contribute to better golf.

Eg Sinha beer take care of all expenses as soon  a thai player gets professional card  from any tour. Without  such assistance Malaysian  Pros  will continue to struggle.Malaysian pros need to grow in mind  too as most of them behave like spoon fed babies depending on pro  to rectify their errors.

That not possible when playing a  game.110% confidence in self is needed.

Minus three  cut  score is indeed  very high performance game is being played Malaysia have failed badly.Only few have made the cut

await  hole  by  hole  and pictures  please

Gavin leaves KLGCC without comments- preparing for tomorrow to be better

MayBank Malaysia Open 2014.

Much expected Gavin finished the day two-over, risking the opportunity to play day 3 and 4.  Damaru Golf feels he is being advised too much on how to play........
Malaysia's best bet so far

Ben Leong Leads The Malaysian Expectation With One Under

Fung and Khor were steadier, both completing the day with pars.
Others were:

Ben Leong at 28th position with -1

Nicholas FUNG at 40th with 72 (Par)
KHOR Kheng Hwai  at 40th with 72 (Par)
Danny CHIA at 40th with 72 (Par)

Iain STEEL at 67th with 73 (one over)

Arie IRAWAN at 88 with 74 (two over)
Gavin GREEN (A) at 88 with 74 (two over)
R. NACHIMUTHU at 88  with 74 (two over)

Shaifubari MUDA at 88 with 74 (two over)
Mohd Iylia JAMIL at 88  with 74 (two over) 

Kenneth DE SILVA  at 108 with 75 (three over)
Shaaban HUSSIN at 108  with 75 (three over)

Ervin CHANG (A) 125  with 76 (four over)
Airil Rizman ZAHARI  at 125 with 76 (four over)
Mohammad WAFIYUDDIN (A) at 125 with 76 (four over)

Wilson CHOO at 132 with 77 (five over)
Sukree OTHMAN at 132 with 77 (five over)
Solomon Emilio ROSIDIN (A) at 132  with 77 (five over)

Rizal AMIN at 141 with 78 (6 over)

Kemarol BAHARIN at142 with 79 (7 over)

S. Murthy  at 150 with 80 (8 over)
S. Siva Chandhran  at 150 with 80  (8 over)

Yes Malaysians were not the last; Joonas Granberg from Finland was. No doubt the weather would have been impossible for the Finn, who finished the day with a score of 82- a 10 over par.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

May Bank Malaysia Open 2014 @KLGCC a hive activities on Pro Am day

May Bank Malaysia Open 2014  @KLGCC a  hive activities on Pro Am day

green in fine fine form 

TO HE QUESTION BY  DAMARU GOLF Tell us what is the secret of you success.As he was reluctant or hesitating to answer DG step d in to say.You bless with huge amount of talent.Make use of them

Arie with a battery of guides

All Malaysian  are waiting for performance by the Malaysian Pros Lets wait and see.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nachi get a another win @ PGM Impian Closed championship 2014

R. NACHIMUTHU shot a 68 in the fourth and final round of the PGM Tour’s Impian Closed Championships today to clinch the title by two strokes. He finished with a 13-under-par 275 total.

By far, the most in-form player on the Tour over the last six months, Nachimuthu’s win was his second this season and his third since his triumph at the 2013 season-ending Maybank Tour Players Championship in December, having also shared the Kinrara Closed Championship title with S. Sivachandran last month.

Friday, 11 April 2014

day 3 PGM Impian Closed Championship 2014
Seasoned   Nachi  knows  only need to is to toss the ball -get to green ,get long puts
R. NACHIMUTHU fired a bogey-free 70 to open up a two-stroke lead, alongside Mohamad Rizal Amin, at the top of the leaderboard after the third round of the PGM Tour’s Impian Closed Championships at Impian Golf & Country Club in Kajang today.
Hans Jamil at Impian Saujana

day 3   PGM Impian Closed Championship 2014
Rizal Amin 

Await  more soon    within mins   pls come back

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 2 PGM Impian Closed Championship 2014

Act of Learning or acquiring and Act of delivering are widely two different acts. Most golfers are attempting to learn all  the time ,hence carry on with the same mentality even when playing a game to the best of ability.. When it comes to playing a game it is delivering what you know .both knowledge and skills. Any attempt to learn when playing a game is suicidal.
Nutty professor learn all life without delivering any to any.

MOHAMAD Rizal Amin moved into a one-stroke lead at the halfway stage of the PGM Tour’s Impian Closed Championship today, being played at Impian Golf & Country Club in Kajang.

The 30-year-old from Perak carded a five-under 67 for a 9-under 135 total after the opening two rounds and it was the least he deserved. It was also a show of some good consistency as he went around in 68 on the first day.
Excellent game by Mohamed
still 20 under par n day two
Cut at plus  6  total of 45 in play

Played their best Yet missed the cut

day two hole by hole play

Din Abdulla in form today
Add caption

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

day one 20 top under @ Impian Closed Championship

Just play the game

When one is thoughtful of the  technique or little more careful   hands ,body will be forced to work  some thing not within you or not  some thing in you. That will lead to poor performance

Thats good for Malaysian  Professional Golf  with 20 under par  and Leading the way were multiple Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) Tour winners Nicholas Fung and Danny Chia, who joint top with Faridil Atras. They shot five-under-par 67s to open their accounts in fine style.

Nicholas at Impina Sujana
Await more hole by hole  scores  

PGM  Saujana impian results
Danny  at Impian Saujana 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

World ranking and its picture ! After EurAsia cup 2014

World ranking  and its picture ! After EurAsia cup 2014

Asians held to Europe  to  a draw having trailing behind with 0-5.Day one reflected the performance of the ranking of the payers. Day two with  2-3 score Ranking s become questionable. DAY THREE with results Asia 7 Europe   3 gave us the impression world ranking really does not reflect when playing in Asian conditions.

Europe team had a way better world ranking at  38 -Asia extremely  low  252 .The game was predicted to be a white wash with no competition  to Europe .Day one further confirmed the results to come. But things were different, most unexpected performance by the gallant team Asia made world ranking applicability in Asia questionable.  World ranking have few Asian tournaments in it calculations, with rising Asia , and with numbers in worthy tournaments and players, getting  bigger  and better and  in performance .It is time to readjust the manner world ranking is based on. Or it is time to have a world  ranking based on Asian conditions. ?
Asian weather is harsh  to visitors. Playing under Asian conditions require different temperament and style, the courses too are different they are with unpredictable greens as well as fairways.  It is  time a new world order in golf is formulated.
Damaru Golf  is seeking ways  how  best this issue can be addresses for our own analysis as we strongly believe the future is in Asia. It has happened  too cricket, why not golf .One is hitting a  moving ball  to target other is hitting a stationery ball to target. .

Lets wish our assumption may come true. First the dream then the reality –That’s what history has taught us in every field of development. Asia has all what it takes to be great golfers as the mind over matter is inherent to Asians. Which is the  essence in golf success. Bodily power is secondary as the gentle tap takes more than 50% of the game. There mind power needs to be greater than bodily power. Asian are more adapted to this soft game.
World ranking  and its picture ! After EurAsia cup 2014