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Malaysian pros express their problems

PGM Tour players answer  to  DAMARU GOLF questions ! on the side line of   CIMB Classic  @klgc the two who played and others who were following

Answers to questions by DAMARU GOLF on why we the Malaysians  are not even near Thai players.
On the sidelines of the CIMB CLASSIC 2013 at KLGCC.
The two who played and others who were on the sidelines have something in common. Some grievances worthy of looking at are as follows:

Venue for Practice

SPACE  to practice , to hit repeated shot to ingrain distance etc, where do we g??.to feel and ingrain 12 speed greens where do we go ????

 No course to practice. 240+ clubs in Malaysia and most do not allow. The few clubs that do allow (including the home club Kinara insist on using a buggy. Walking is part of the game for professionals golfers; using the buggy defeats the purpose of practicing. Even when the course is empty, no course allows at any time to play repeat- shots or to practice the short game which includes approach shots to the green and then putting and repeating such practice with a few balls.
Further we have no greens at a stimpmeter reading of 11.5 to putt. These professional golfers  here practice and play on greens that have a speed of 8-9 while foreign players have putting greens at 11.5 for practice and play on greens with a speed of 13-14. When these foreign players play on Malaysian courses, this is a big advantage for them.
As result (of not being able to practice approach shots from fairways), we fear attacking pins that are dangerously placed near water hazards or bunkers while they confidently attack the pin.
DAMARU GOLF (DG)FEELS this issue has to be addressed to see any measurable progress in Malaysian golf. Putting and short game excellence is achieved only by  practice  by one-self and inner feel; these skills are  not possible to get in an academy or in driving range or even by the help of another .The inner feel ,the inner sensation  for the shot needed   cannot be taught be another. This part of the game consist of 80 %++ scoring.Upon checking found out most golf clubs do not offer free facilities to PGM players. Few clubs who offer insist using buggy that is charged. This is costly  also defeat  objective of practice.

Marginal living

 well lets do with what we have LA,

-Poor sponsorship hence lack of funds  prevent total dedication to the game  . This is due to poor media coverage. Sponsors need mileage for the name they wish to advertise. Without significant improvement in media publicity companies do not come forward to sponsor. PGM events  are not published widely not read widely hence advertiser do not feel worthy of the RINGGIT  they spend.
DAMARU GOLF FEEL this is indeed a factor . To harness  followers media  must , make publish, exciting stories  about PGM Tour. We at DAMARU GOLF   will be doing all possible to get a better reader ship expecting  more Malaysian to follow golf news or even come to the tournaments to follow the PGM  tour events. DAMARU GOLF at present   geared to more Asian coverage rather than focusing on country needs. Editorial board   will decide soon to give a wider coverage for the PGM events
May we suggest equipment manufacturers  to have their bazaars during PGM  tour events as an additional  attraction for the golfing fraternity .Making the event more of a  social gathering.

Competitive foreign exposure
NOP-- our boundaries are limited ????

 Lack of foreign exposures we feel inadequate.  This is totally Due to  lack of funds. Even when we have opportunities to play over seas players prefer not to, as such participation cost large sum of money.
Advanced Training

Is this what they want in golfing terms??  thinks other wise
one can be an average golfer with  the help of another but never a super golfer.This ability must come from within. virtuoso skills  cannot be  bought nor passed like an asset

One Golfer insisted he need further  training. As an example he said

 presently he hits 250 yards, that needs to be increased significantly 

and he does not know how to get 275. When questioned have you 

asked any locals. He responded yes ,requested me to go Gym. It got

worse was his  spontaneous answer with laughter from others.Then

he went on to say  secret is on rythem and timing for distance and 

that he does know how to get it.When DG asked is it possible for 
another to give you rythem and timing He said yes.When asked ? so  many Malaysian Golfers have undergone expensive training  in US

but not performing while some who have not gone doing better.He 

said the right ones have not gone.

Feeling small

feeling small is almost always  due to external factors that surrounded during formative years..the problem is within that has to be solved within.....

Mental barrier  that does not allow us to play the best game that we have .  We feel insecure in front of large crowds and foreign players. Further we are expected to deliver more by the home crowd hence added pressure in our minds.

 DAMARU GOLF feels This is a problem of the  individuals that has to be addressed by the players  FIRST. It is the feel of being small for internal reason .An out side party may help to a certain  extent but more help is needed from within. What happen to the Malaysia  bolleh slogan that is all over ?Mahathir  s twin tower is to inspire the nation – think big Malaysia- U -U CAN DO-

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