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Fastest growing professional tour

Fastest growing professional tour: the Malaysian Professional Golf Tour.

This was revealed by the Asian Tour chief to the founder of the tournament Tun Ahmad Sarji…
Just in the recent past as near as 2009, Malaysia did not have a tour for professional golfers. Today they have a tour that boasts 22 events for the year with a prize money of 4 million ringgit and counting. This year the Asian Tour came forward recognizing the importance of PGM Tour  - offered to be part of them. Included Asian Development Tour events, seven of the them on the very first year, giving the Malaysians an opportunity for an easy entrance to the Asian Tour by playing well. Further participants of the ADT events earn world ranking points. This system gave the opportunity for Nicolas Fung to lead the Malaysian pack in the world ranking at around 440 th . or so .Winner of an ADT event earn six points
Growth is not stopping nor will it stop till Tun Sarji is able to breath, as he said during the recent presentation as part of his answer to the question on the need of a venue for golfers to practice. He said he will try to get a home course for the PGM tour if he continues to live, to do so.

 Even more recognition.

The historical event of EuroAsia cup will be organized by the PGM tour. Malaysia will host the event in March 2014 at KLGCC. This is a fine recognition by the European Tour who initiated this event and endorsed the PGM Tour as the organizing body for the historical event. Where top ASIAN TOUR PLAYERS WILL PLAY AGAINST THE BEST OF European Tour players.  Along the same line as the famous RYDER CUP.
This infant the 3-year old PGM tour has shown more matured traits. A few examples:
Marching on like a grown up without any interruption to events-,, held as scheduled since   inaugural year 2010 and still counting the number of events for the year giving all Malaysians Pros the opportunity to enter the tour with satellite tours conducted in all states.
Unlike a three year old infant, the PGM tour is brushing shoulders with other top professional tours in the world. The Asian Tour was the first to recognize and later the European Tour who is working with PGM on the EuroAsia cup.
Tun Sarji had a vision when he initiated the tour in 2010. That is the 2016 Olympics.  For the first time, golf will be included as an event in the Olympic Games. The only way for Malaysians to qualify is by climbing up the ladder of world ranking points. With the PGM Tour currently in full swing, all Malaysian pros now have a chance to prove they are worthy of participating in Olympics.
Judging from past results, Malaysian players have been improving steadily, they are winning ADT events. Before PGM Tour winning ADT EVENTS WAS A FAR CRY. Tun Sarji believes this is due to exposure and the resulting keen competition the players now face with top ADT players from other countries.
2014 will be a boost for PGM tour players with more prize money and earnings ,hence the title of the Fastest growing professional tour in the world in terms of prize money. At the end of this year, the PGM Tour Player’s Championship to be held in December will give the winner the opportunity to play the Malaysian Open 2014, the oldest premier professional golfing event of the country, which is sanctioned by the Asian Tour and co-sanctioned by the European Tour. Prize money will probably exceed US 4 million.
Malaysian players must now be thankful to the founder who worked hard to make this event from nothing to reality, and then making it very successful within a short span of 3 years. Before this, just recollect the memories of Malaysian pros…
The PGM founder called all parties to support the tour, more sponsors and wider media coverage to make the national event even more successful. Tun Ahmad Sarji  shows  pleanty of passion to the game he is seen keenly witnessing all major golf tournaqmnretn  and most  PGM  tournament.He is present whenever he is needed for that final motivation to propel the tournament to greater heights

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Notes  EurAsia Golf Ltd was formed in July to solidify the relationship between the tours and handle commercial operations of all the existing and new events co-sanctioned by the European and Asian tours.

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