Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Why Malaysian golfers- lagging behind the golfers from adjacent countries

lets get to the point with no frills
1- reason one - private golf clubs numbering over 200 are walled preventing national golfers  play, practice. There are no public golf courses at nominal rates. Result is they are confined to practice in  home club to which they pay despite being a PGM Card holder adding to the already ballooned expenses covering practice, equipment, maintenance and participation..

2 -ABSENCE OF WALKING COURSES,buggy,buggy,buggy all over That s not real golf never intended that way nor any out door playing sport with assistance to move unless one is a paraplegic.

3- relatively poor sponsorship availability for the golfers as corporations do not feel any national patriotism to  PGM card holders As they continue to live  marginally. With such hard ship there is no way they can excel. With Average cost per event being not less than RM 1000. excluding, equipment, sustenance and more -- many are  not withing scope.

4-Nation is guided by too much mechanical body accuracy with no emphasis on mind and and the  artistry of the game, valuing natural ability to hit ball to target. HIT AS YOU PLEASE .TO TARGET

5- way of life of the golfers- Easy going.How many  would indulge in constructive rigorous practice starting the day with Tiger patrol like warm UP by dawn. Then stay focused all day practice that can be assessed for progress daily.It is not the hours nor the number of balls one hit but something acquiring inside to feel  better,  min by min-at the end of the day to say i am now better than yesterday.

6-How many are driven by passion , hunger, resilient, persistence.This trait is probably the only  thing a golfer need as  such passion will drive  find own  ways ,avenues,space,methods to improve skills Then stay on track  without being swayed by the abundance of unsolicited advice ,disturbing events,along the way.
There are many ways of doing right and not one ,two,three,.........holy grail ways.

There may be many others,,,,,,but this is   for the time being if addressed Malaysia will witness champions emerging.


WHO CAN TEACH THIS MAN ?to lob the ball to the bucket  IF SO HOW?

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