Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Intuition in golf--- See-- Feel --More

Intuition in golf
There are over 280 pieces or body movements  i-f the swing is split-that make a golf hit. Some are visible some are not like the wrist or the finger actions.
Over these the elements that come from the mind are feel, rhythm, vision, signals, focus etc etc are uncountable. Intuition is  some thin like this
At first glance where the ball must be hit and perceived and detected by the eyes first ,Then whole heap of signals will be generated to the silent mind. The distance, the path, the take off, the wind, the geography, the landing position, but nothing --not what is  relevant to the accurate hit . Intuition is about  crystal  clear thought ,feel and the  confidence of hitting target.
. Ie other words seen the truth, removing all other unwanted sights and feels etc etc  that is the mind that found the real truth . seen the truth by self. INTUITION.
DO YOU HAVE ??? Have you ever had on any subject in life where the real truth was seen clearly on matters pertaining to your life???? Develop it u will get it.Reward u will be a super achiever
Lali elite golf philosophy

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