Thursday, 21 February 2013

the world beaters in Cricket soon will do so with Golf

the world beaters in Cricket soon will do so with Golf
If there is one big reason why Malaysian  pros Go down to others in international events--- too much technicalities with no emphasis on  develop play by feel. that is Exactly what Ben Leaong s Father said to Damarumedia. Son is now confused More so after US stint
learning to hit with all obstructions
One more -there are over 250 courses almost non to walk and play and They do not allow PGM  card holders to play- PAY GREEN FEES.UNPATRIOTIC  BUSINESS

A country that stand out of the rest, when it comes to feel game is INDIA  just like the cricketers they just play.Play to hit targets.Joy is hitting targets not showing off a nice dance of body movements  The best Asian Target hitter is  Mithun Perera he has a way of hitting totally out of book technicalites. He is doing remarkably well considering his small stature.It is simple- Focus on target develop a feel of wanting to hit target - then just do it keeping things very simple rather than loading the mind  with things how hot to DO- all movements will come naturally auto if the practice has been right.The courses are open to Indian professionals most are walking.No wonder they have some good players coming despite poor elementary level facilities.
learning to hit from rough under s tree
learning how to hit from any surface
 learning how hit hit on narrow fairways
Asian are by nature more spiritual, meaning they do have a good mental aspect that can be used to get that ball  to target rather than relying on mechanics of mechanism of the body movement  There are many movements possible. They can be all right if the ball gets to target.

hit from any where to any target ALL BY FEEL NO TECHS, NO METHOD, NO YARDAGE, JUST FEEL like  a hungry boy hitting on a mango-