Wednesday, 20 February 2013

step by step tearing how to hit a ball is killer of golf

step by step learning how to hit a ball on target is the killer of golf

plucking mangoes as kids with a stick is not much different to skills needed to hit a golf ball to target.
It just come when the mind is focused to hit on mango  if allowed to clutter the mind with technicallites  on  how the stick must be released , mangoes will never be hit.

clear confident mind and obedient hands body is the need. with practice target hitting is improved.
100 hits on target give confidence on off target may destroy the confidence of a weaky and will seek desperate help , then to more complications and frustration.
keep the mind neat, tidy energetic .Thats all what is needed to get  100% confidence.

go step by step learning  then get Freezed up when the task is to hit the ball in the course alone.TO A TARGET

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