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Man has certainly reached significant highest in engineering, space, ie, sciences that can be measured in labs. But Man has not made any strides in getting better food than nature-made food. Milk is still the most complete food, anything better, in fact, can be declared  as  not the best for human.
Man despite all the advances in many fields does not understand exactly what is needed by the body to generate new cells hence the tissues. Protein alone is not capable of building healthy cells. There is much more than protein  requirement for building healthy cells.  For instance an African will always be big whatever the food he eats and the average Japanese will be small what ever the food they eat. So goes with elephants they will always be big. Can MAN  explain how a cow -  who only eats grass - generate so much protein, milk, hard skin, claws, horns and bones? What does grass  have to generate such a mass of healthy cells?
Well this is explained by the gene theorist. It is the gene that finally decides what goes to build the body and how it should be built. There is no food to get fairer skin nor a darker skin. The color of skin is not controlled by food. Similarly tall genes will generate tall signals while the short genes will generate short signals. Therefore what ever the food intake, the height will remain unchanged.
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What is needed is a complete balanced meal and stay helpless  for the genes to provide the necessary growth. Mental signal of being good is important for the genes to be active. Let's not get complicated on this vast subject now, but we will dwell on that later. Stay on.
The instance commercial instant muscle builders are instant. Those muscles disappear as fast as they come. Furthermore, such muscles are unhealthy and does not  deliver the corresponding, life,strength and vigor in a healthy manner.
The belief that one must eat meat to be aggressive is a  fallacy. Aggressiveness is in the genes and not in the food. Tiger meat does not make a man tiger-like nor does cow meat make man as lethargic as a cow. It is not the food that contributes to aggressiveness nor any personality traits to a person. For sportsmen- it is not the aggressiveness that is needed to win. What is needed is the traits of winning spirit. Aggressiveness is naked, wining spirit is tactful, shrewd, perseverance.
Think ----one does not need to depend on animal meat  to be world-class sportsmen . Milk, grains, leaves, vegetables, soya, fruits etc all given by the nature energized by the sun, watered by the rain/clean rivers are the best. They have all what is needed to build healthy cells, to be champions.  Unfortunately there are no  specific proven food to get the spirit of wining, or the skills of creativity, nor the skills of golf; they are in-born. Accidental lucky, fortunate mutations of the genetic code one is carrying. Every one has some kind of skill, if not golf, may be table tennis, or badminton, or swimming all....... Mother nature has been fair to all. Look around there are plenty of illustrative sportsmen and superstars who are natural food eaters. They all stay at  the top for a longer time than man made food eaters. The most creative person in recent history - Steve Jobs - is a total vegetarian
The writes is not advocating any specific food nor suggesting one must give up the existing food consumed but only attempting to direct attention to factors one may have over looked.
How is the cow generating so much healthy tissue in the from of meat, milk, skin, bones, etc etc. with only grass as food????? The horse is such a graceful speedy runner, the elephant such a graceful strong animal.
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They are fed by veges Full of winning spirits both mind and body, creativity too.


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